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Animal Rescue Donation Box Stolen and More News

This is the animal news update for April 22, 2017. A man stole the donation box belonging to the Tamaqua Area Animal Rescue in Tamaqua, PA. The box, located inside a pharmacy, contained about $100 that the rescue was going to

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140 Dogs Surrendered in Hoarding Case and more news

This is the animal news update for November 11, 2016. The Haywood County Animal Services has taken approximately 60 dogs from a single-wide mobile home and is beginning to release the animals to various animal rescue groups. The group taking the

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How Can You Help An Animal Rescue

Do you have a local animal shelter or rescue that you want to help? Sign up for the newsletter so you can be notified when a shelter near you needs help. This is a list of the ways that you

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Pet Resources

When you buy supplies and other items through this page, you help us to continue to continue to assist pet rescues and shelters.  It is a simple way to help animals to have a chance at a living a happy and

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Animals Matter!!

It takes a large amount of time and energy, as well as financial resources to properly take care of animals. When an animal is sick or injured, or possibly emotionally traumatized those required resources can increase substantially. The hardest and


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