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Exotic Rescue in UK Needs Donations and More News

This is the animal news update for June 3, 2017. The Safe Haven Exotics Rescue in Barnstaple, UK needs donations for funding to continue to operate. They have high food and veterinary bills and are seeking equipment and monetary donations. Read

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Over 100 Animals Urgently Need Homes and More News

This is the animal news update for March 25, 2017. The NW Love All Animal in Battleground, WA needs to find homes for over 100 animals due to a foreclosure notice that was placed on a door that is never used.

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How Can You Help An Animal Rescue

Do you have a local animal shelter or rescue that you want to help? Sign up for the newsletter so you can be notified when a shelter near you needs help. This is a list of the ways that you

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Animal News Update

This is the animal news update for October 6, 2016. The Karma Cat + Zen Dog Society has received a $10,000 grant from the Sidewalk Angels Foundation. The Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a nonprofit organization led by singer-songwriter Rob Thomas and

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Being Called a “Bird Brain” is a Complement

Being called a bird brain is a complement as birds are very intelligent.  For example, the African Grey has the cognitive ability of a 5 year old human and can master tasks like counting, differentiate colors and shapes and understand language.  In addition, the lifespan

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